storytelling is like inspiration

13 06 2008

wow. so that concludes storytelling. 

the movie ” OLD BOY ” was good. yeah. it was dam good. (: 

best R-rated film so far. COZ. its the only one ive watched so far. hahahahaa. 

i will miss MR.leslie!

next up is storyboarding!


A round of applause.

27 05 2008

I will be blogging about last Friday. 

To me, it was the best night I ever had in WEEKS. 

On the 23rd of May, Friday night. Jasmine, my twin sister participated in Saint. Andrews JC choir concert @ Victoria concert hall.

And just one word to describe it ——–WOW.

Choir concerts are seriously amazing. I have never been to a choir concert before and it definitely is different from band concerts. In band concerts, you only hear music and yet, you don’t her any lyrics. In choir concerts, you can feel the mood that they are conveying to the audience. They sing their heart out and through the lyrics it just melted my heart. 

The concert started off with the procession, followed by afew latin songs which totally blends and echos together with VCH. It makes the songs sound so much more~ The sad chorus and ‘holy’ mood made me tear.

It hit the soft spot of my beating heart and then i felt like tearing up, but- phew. I didn’t. Thank heavens! It would be disastrous if I cried.

Its just that I watched my dear twin sis stress up because the concert date is nearing, coping with her piling homework given by her school teachers and the many choir practices that she has to stay back in school for.Just seeing her on stage and enjoying herself, giving her all for all the hard work she put in to make the concert a success! It just made me go, “ yeah that’s my twin sister up there on stage”

I felt so proud to have a twin sister. Where we can share our every thoughts and feelings with each other. Craze over our Korean boy bands and Korean idols together! And even do homework together even though we are studying different things. I feel so Lucky to have a twin sister.

Back to topic, They sang more songs such as mamamia~ and some of their own rendition of some songs. Then the concert ended! Magnificent!

After the concert, we went to LAU PA SAT with out friends for a late night supper. And we enjoyed ourselves! It was an excellent Friday night that I will never ever forget!

This post is dedicated to my dear twin sister, Jasmine. (: 

-P.S- study hard! and. its alright even though your maths common test is on our birthday. 




oh. and i wanted to post some pictures but wordpress was not helping. 

RAIN in Hollywood!!

21 05 2008

Its been a tough week. I am going cranky. I got too focused on work that I forget to sleep. I get myself lost in my own world when I eat delicious food and im going crazy because of written communication.

So! Ive decided to blog about things I love! And I love DONGBANGSHINGI and RAIN.

Well, yeah. I just had to mention it, I plan to watch Rain’s movie speed racer! I do not know when I will be watching it but I just hope that it will be SOON.
It was released on 8th may 2008. AND YET, being such a hardcore RAIN fan. I have yet to watch it. The assignments are piling up, my twin sister’s test are piling up and my elder sis has work. SO, I have yet to watch it even though it is already the 13th day since release. RAWRRRR. I want to watch it desperately!

Frankly speaking, I don’t even know what the movie is about. I watch the movie for the sake of RAIN. It’s a biased decision I know. But I just cant help it! Well ! I also want to watch the movie because it is a movie Directed By: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski  THE creators of the matrix!

The effects is EPIC
My jaw dropped when I saw the trailer.
My face cringed when I didn’t see a lot of my dear RAIN in it.

THERE IS LIKE ONLY A MERE 3 seconds of him in the trailer!

I was like * RAWRRRRRRR * runs off to kill someone. *

I know that RAIN aka JUNG JI HOON is trying his best to break into the Hollywood industry but why?! He should seriously take up a bigger role in some other movies out there. Sigh. Nevertheless, I will still support him.

Well, since I have mentioned that he is “trying” to break into the US market, he is receiving help from a certain someone.

HE is Stephen Colbert. The hilarious dude known by all the Americans.

They were competing in this times magazine 100 most influential poll on the net so. Mr Colbert made some funny comments about it.

HERE is 2008’s


it was way way funnier than I expected. But it WAS harsh. But I believe that they must be friends by now.

Well. I will end off here I suppose.


I WANT TO WATCH SPEED RACER @ imax experience @ omni theatres. Science centre.  I would be able to ogle at rain’s humongous face. 


I love them.

14 05 2008

In this post, I want to say, I love my parents. (:

Well, my parents went to china for a holiday and as usual, they came back with presents for my sisters and I. it has been this way all the time, whenever they went for a holiday, they would always be back with goodies for us!

This time, they bought more DONGBANGSHINGI magazines.

My parents are just so easy to tell. On their previous holiday to china, they also bought me some more DONGBANGSHINGI cds and dvds. Whenever they caught a glimpse of something their daughters might like, they would buy it! Others also include clothes, accessories and also bags! They would only buy them if it were a reasonable price though.

Well, back to talking about my parents buying me anything DONGBANGSHINGI.
> for everyone’s info.


They are dongbangshingi. (:

Well, I would like to discuss if is it common for parents to give their children whatever they want? Both their needs and their wants, buy them PSP, ipods, mp3 players, toys and new clothes? Well, im not sure. Is it because we “kids” are too spoiled these days?

Well, in my opinion. I don’t find myself a spoiled brat.

I help my mom with housework. I try my best to stay out of trouble. I didn’t turn into a bad ass and rebellious girl. I worked hard for my o levels, I even got in through the direct poly admission. I even survived 10 days without my parents when they were away in china! I don’t go clubbing, I don’t smoke or drink. That is most definitely an act of a good child. 

Its official. I am a good girl. That’s why my parents let me have what I want, as long as I work hard for it and deserve it. But in this kind of circumstances, not many youngsters experience the same enjoyment as I do. Many of them find part time jobs and work for what they want; I really admire my friends who do that.

So, when I contrast myself with them, it feels like I am the spoiled person in this situation? What am I thinking, as long as I love my parents and they love me too. That is all I need.

Well, maybe I feel that this post is dedicated to my parents as I feel so relieved that they were back home save and sound before the quake rocked China.

God bless my family (:


everything INSTANT!

8 05 2008

I am unhealthy.
it s so true. It all started out when my parents went for a holiday trip to china almost a week ago. They have gone overseas for holidays for many times however, this is the first time where no one came to handle our meals. In conclusion, my sisters and me are going to have to settle our daily meals ourselves.

With nothing but money and the house that my parents have left us with, it was pure freedom.
YES to freedom, but NOOO to settling everything on our own, from ironing the clothes to watering the plants, taking in the newspaper everyday and even cooking meals. Am I going to survive? Only time will tell.

To start off, my sisters and me went to the SHENG SHIONG supermarket to buy our staple food. YES staple food.

What is my staple food for the week? It consists of instant noodles, instant porridge, instant pizza, instant pasta and instant curry. 
Isn’t that allot of instant stuffs! What about some biscuits? Khong guan, tiger, chips more, hello panda, lemon puffs. And most importantly BREAD!
This is the food that is going to keep me alive for the next 10 days.

When we got back from the supermarket, my sisters and me realized that the food that we bought was all junk food. How sad is that? Eating junk food for the next 10 days! I miss the healthy meals my mum cooks for me now.

Here is a picture of my junk food that I am surviving on. 

Well, I cannot cook; therefore this is what I get for not knowing how to cook. Is it a disgrace for females who do not know how to cook?  Females are often stereotyped that all must know how to cook. However, I bet that in this generation of females, many do not know the skill of cooking. Well, I am one on them!  It is not a tradition for females to cook or be good at housework any more, thus many females choose to keep themselves occupied with their education and careers, as they do not want to be a housewife in the future. 

I don’t want to be one as I have a future ahead of me! I am not going to stay at home and clean! 
but, its best to know how to wash the dishes at least =P

lucky draws?

30 04 2008

Those kind of lucky draw contests, where you fill in a receipt with your particulars or maybe after eating a pack of potato chips and inside, there is a coupon for you to sign up for some lucky draw. We should never trust them as those “free” things just gets our hopes up and end up with wasted time for filling in those lucky draws. Have you ever won anything even if you tired?

That proves it. Luck does not count.

My elder sister finished a packet of potato chips called “XXXXX” last weekend and she found a paper slip in the bag, which says “ GET A CHANCE TO WIN A TRIP TO EUROPE.” So, my sister said, why not give it a try, you would never know if we get lucky!

So, she came to my room and happily passed the slip to me and asked me to go to the website XXXXXX[dot]com thinking that she can find out more information on the contest. And guess what? XXXXXX[dot]com was a porn site. I actually typed in XXXXXX[dot]com, waited for the page to load, thinking that it would be some website for a happy tea corn snack called XXXXX . And all I saw was female’s boobs. Once I knew what kind of “website” it was, I quickly cancelled the window.
Or should I just continue browsing the website? * AS IF *

But, this is a very serious matter, what if innocent children were to accidentally stumble on to that website thinking that it was the website of a friendly corn snack they know. They are going to stain their virgin eyes! Poor kids. I remember once, my friend said to me that she and her friends had a project about shapes before. So they typed In shapes[dot]com and another porn site came to the screen. I find it very ridiculous. Porn is so easily accessible! I pity the young kids and their parents. Especially when the internet makes the world go around these days. Internet is dangerous ok? So. “don’t play play”

Well, back to topic. It clearly shows that those lucky draws are faulty. They cheat our money for buying their sponsors just to get a mere chance to win something for “free.” I know that many people say that Singaporean’s are typical “kiasu” people in search for anything that is free. What’s more, why bother when the chances of winning are one over a million.

It made me think if the contest ever existed. Would the man who won a car in a lucky draw shout out to the world and say: “yay! I won a car?” Therefore, no one knows. So, to believe it or not? I don’t know.

I guess that I would only believe it if I win a playstation 3 in a lucky draw. =P

Lifts hates JOCELYN hates lifts

22 04 2008

Well. What inspired me to blog about this ridiculous topic of mine? YES. I almost got trapped in the lift on Thursday night for oh my freakASS SAKE. I don’t have very a very good impression of lifts, as I always tend to get trapped in it or experience nasty events regarding/due to it. Want a list of it? I can do that for you. Just 3 out of my entire life experience.

-After a long day of school and tuition, I just had to find both lifts of my condominium flat. OUT OF ORDER. Out of order? So what, can climb the stairs right? Think again. I live on the 21st floor for oh my god’s sake. I waited for approximately 1 hour for the lift repair man to reach the condominium compound. How long more would it take to fix the lift? Tired of waiting, in the end, I climbed all 21 stories high. It was seriously THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. Imagine being a participant of the vertical climb race when you are not cut out for it.

-I was in the lift together with my mum and another lady. We reached a destined stop and the lift door opened for the lady to get off. But it shook really hard that time, and my mum and I was shocked! But, being very ignorant humans, we totally heck cared. BUT, we were rewarded for our ignorance. And YES. My mum and me got trapped in the lift. And to add to my story, I was in need of the toilet. BADLY.  

We called for the security guard and when the guard came to our “rescue” all he said was “GIVE ME 5 more minutes” SIX times! So. I waited approximately 30 minutes controlling my pee and the hotness and stuffiness of the lifts interior. 

-it was on Thursday night, after I got back from the FANTAZIA live concert held in ngeeann poly. I just got back and pressed the lift button only to be greeted by a dark lift. I was contemplating if I should just climb the stairs or be a brave ass and take the lift. I took a step in, but my 6th sense just told me no no NO!  so yea. In the end, I didn’t take the lift and bared the horror of climbing the stairs of my condominium. At least it is just 5 stories high this time.

And you know what? The next morning, the lift was really out of order! Oh dear me, I am just too lucky. AND SMART.

That is enough of my life experience on lifts and elevators right?
And well, I have always wondered if I will gradually suffocate if i was trapped in the lift for too long, or if I was not discovered trapped in the lift, will i rot away in the lift after I die, all right. It’s not very practical of such a thing to happen in Singapore. But it happened in other countries before right? What the heck? I was just thinking of the “what ifs”

“Curiosity killed the cat”, But believe me or NOT. I researched on elevators. And you know what? I never found the answers to my questions. However, I happened to find this website on elevator etiquettes! It was so funny and SO TRUE. I was practically nodding my head agreeing with every single sentence.

The site is about the proper manner of behaving in the elevator. A simpler form of describing this unique website? The Dos and the Don’ts when in the elevator. For example, never press the lift button when the doors are closing. Why? That’s because the people in the lift were already mentally prepared to be taken to their desired level! They would not like that. And don’t pee in the lifts. It stinks up and reeks after a day.

I have never done that in all my life. And i do not deserve ill treatment from lifts. Sigh. I am just “SUAY” and I totally admit to that.

Here is the site

The comments people left are the ones that made me laugh.

You guys should check it out.

– Please be kind to the elevators~ you wouldn’t want them to break down on you